Daffodils Montessori


  • About Dr. Maria Montessori

    Dr. Maria Montessori was born on 31st August 1870 in the town of Chiaravalle, Italy. Upon her graduation, Montessori was encouraged to take up a career in teaching, one of the few occupations open to women at the time. But she was determined to enter medical school and become a doctor. Initially she was refused … Continue reading “About Dr. Maria Montessori”

  • Number Rods

    When the child is around 3.5 years of age, the ‘Mathematical Mind’ awakens. At this stage the child will want to know the quantity of things accurately. When the teacher observes that the awakening of ‘Mathematical Mind’ has happened, the Maths activities are offered. The first Mathematics material is the ‘Number Rods’. It helps the … Continue reading “Number Rods”